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1.             S.U.T.Hospital,                                                     General/Specialized treatment and

Pattom, Trivandrum.                                            diagnostic procedures.

2.             Cosmopolitan Hospital,                                      General/Specialized treatment and

Murinjapalam, Pattom,                                        diagnostic procedures except Open Heart

Trivandrum.                                                          Surgery and Neurovascular Surgery.

3.             P.R.S.Hospital,                                                      General/Specialized treatment and

Killippalam,Trivandrum.                                      diagnostic procedures except Open Heart

Surgery and Neurovascular Surgery.

4.             Vanchinad Hospital                                             General treatment and diagnostic procedures

Pongummood,Trivandrum.                 and specialized treatment and diagnostic

procedures for Neurology.

5.             G.G.Hospital,                                                         General treatment and diagnostic procedures

Pattom, Trivandrum.                                            & specialized treatment and diagnostic

procedures for Urology.

6.             S.P.Fort Hospital                                                  General treatment and diagnostic procedures.

Fort, Trivandrum.

7.             Jubilee Memorial Hospital                                  General treatment and diagnostic procedures.

Meads Lane, Palayam, Trivandrum.

8.             Chaithanya Eye Hospital &                                Specialized treatment and diagnostic

Research Instt., Kesavadasapuram                   Procedures for Ophthalmology.


Diagnostic Centers

1.             Doctors Diagnostic & Research                        General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

Center, Ullur, Trivandrum.

2.             Devi’s Scan(P) Ltd.                                              General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

Opp.Medical College High School,

Kumarapuram, Trivandrum.

3.             Scan House Dr.Gopinath’s                                 General diagnostic procedures.

Diagnostic Services,

Near Medical College, Trivandrum.

4.             ADS Scan & Hospital Ltd.                                 General diagnostic procedures except

Near Medical College, Trivandrum.                  culture and sensitivity.

5.             Diagnostic Service, Near Medical                     General diagnostic procedures for routine

College, Trivandrum.                                           Radiology and Lab. Tests.




1.             Karnawati Hospital Pvt.Ltd.                               Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Opp. Town Hall, Ellisbridge,                              procedures for Dialysis, Echo, TMT &

Ahmedabad.                                                         Holter.

2.             Parekh’s Hospital, Shalimar                                Specialized treatment in Laproscopic

Complex, Mahalaxmi, Five Roads,                     surgery and Hip & Knee Transplant Surgery.

Paldi, Ahmedabad.

3.             Krishna Heart Institute,                                      Specialized treatment in Cardiology, Cardiac

319, Green City, Ghuma,                                      Thoracic Surgery and diagnostic procedures.


4.             Gujrat Research & Medical Instt.                      General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

(Rajasthan Hospital), Camp Road,                    procedures.

Shahibagh, Ahmedabad.

5.             Sterling Hospital, Gurukul Road,                       General/Specialized treatment in Cardiology

Behind Drive-in Cinema,                                     and Cardio Thoracic Surgery.



Diagnostic Center

1.             Usmanpura CT Scan Center,                              Specialized diagnostic procedures in MRI,

30, Ambica Society, Usmanpura,                       CT Scan, Sonography, X-Ray and EEG.





1.             Nagarmal Modi Seva Sadan,                              General/Specialized treatment &

Seva Sadan Path, Ranchi.                                   Diagnostic procedures except Cardiac

Surgery .

2.             Abdur Razzaq Ansari Memorial                        General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Weavers Hospital (Apollo                                                 procedures.

Hospitals Group), Irba, Ranchi.

3.             Raj Hospital & Research Center,                       General/Spepcialised treatment & diagnostic

Main Road, Ranchi.                                             Procedures except Nephrology & Dialysis.

4.             St.Barnabas Hospital,                                          General purpose treatment.

Church Road, Ranchi.


Diagnostic Centers

1.             Dr.P.S.Rohatagi Investigation                           General & Specialized Pathological Tests.

Center, Near State Bank of India,

Doranda, Ranchi.

2.             Dr.A.K.Verma Pathology                                    General Pathological Tests.

Laboratory 65, Road No.1,

Ashok Nagar, Ranchi.

3.             Dr.J.Sharan’s Pathological                                 General/Specialized pathological Tests.

Laboratory, Near Medical College,

Bariatu, Ranchi.




1.             Silver Oak Hospital,                                             General Purpose Treatment except ENT &

Silver Oak, Napier Town,                                    Dental.


2.             Sanjivan Hospital & Research                           General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Center, Ramnagar, Adhartal,                              procedures.


3.             National Hospital,                                                General purpose & specialized treatment &

703, Gole Bazar, Jabalpur.                                   Diagnostic procedures.

  1. S.C..Gupta Memorial Hospital,                           General purpose treatment except Dental,

Near TV Tower, Katanga,Jabalpur.                   Orthopaedic & Ophthalmology.

5.             Jabalpur Hospital & Research                           General purpose & Specialized treatment &

Russel Chowk, Napier Town,                             diagnostic procedures.


6.             Marble City Hospital & Reserch                       General purpose & Specialized treatment for

21, North Civil Lines, Jabalpur.                          Laproscopic & Dialysis.

7.             Seth Mannulal Jagannath Trust                        General purpose treatment & specialised

Hospital & Research Center,                              diagnostic procedure – Echo, TMT, USG,

Dixitpura, Jabalpur.                                              Endoscopy & Color Doppler.

8.             Mahakoshal Hospital,                                         General purpose treatment (except Dental)

Wright Town, Jabalapur                                     and specialized treatment in cardiac surgery

and burn & plastic surgery.

9.             Hindustan Hospital & Heart                              General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Institute, Civic Center, Marhatal,                      procedures.


10.           Bombay Hospital & Research                            General purpose treatment in Medicine,

Center, Gole Bazar, Jabalpur.                              Surgery & Orthopaedics.

11.           Jamdar Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                                   General purpose treatment (except Dental)

Gole Bazar, Jabalpur.                                           & Specialized treatment in Orthopaedics.

12.           J.K.Hospital, (M/s J.K.Maternity                      Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Orthopaedics &

& Nursing Home), Wright Town,                      Obst. & Gynae.


13.           Anant Instt. of Medical Sciences                      General purpose treatment (except Dental)

(A Unit of Anant Nursing Home                       and Specialised treatment in Neurology &

Pvt.Ltd.), Wright Town, Jabalpur.                     Neurosurgery.

14.           Abhay Dental Clinic,                                           Dental Treatment.

Agarwal Colony, Garha Road,


15.           Trivedi Dental Clinic,                                           Routine Dental Treatment.

1553, Ashoka Hotel Road,

Wright Town, Jabalpur.

16.           Dr.Ankur Mukherjee Dental Clinic                    Dental treatment.

Napier Town, Jabalpur.

17.           Deshmukh Dental Clinic,                                    Dental treatment.

Russel Chowk, Jabalpur.

18.           Ayushman Hospital,                                           Pediatrics Medicines & Surgery.

(Ayushman Children’s Hospital

& Research Center), Russel Chowk,


19.           Central India Kidney Hospital,                          Specialized treatment in Nephrology &

1572, Wright Town, Jabalpur.                            Urology only.

20.           Sutika Graha & Shishu Kalyan                          Obst. & Gynae. Treatment.

Kendra, 2565, Wright Town,


  1. Pandey Hospital,                                                          General surgery & Obst. & Gynae.treatment.

Beoharbagh, Jabalpur.

22.           Samadhan Hospital,                                             Paediatrics Medicines & surgery.

1625, Wright Town, Jabalpur.

Diagnostic Centers

1.             Jabalpur X-Ray, Sonography                             Radiographic and Routine Sonographic

Center, Near Telegraph Gate No.2,                    procedures.

Wright Town, Jabalpur.

2.             S.S.Sonography & X-Ray Center                      Routine Radiographic & Sonographic

Ranjhi, Jabalpur.                                                   Procedures.

3.             Saxena X-Ray & Sonography                            Radiographic & Sonographic procedures.

Center, Rupam Tower,

Wright Town, Jabalpur.

4.             Sandhu Diagnostics,                                           OPG, X-Rays & Sonographic procedures.

Bus Stand, Wright Town,Jabalpur.

5.             Disha X-Ray and Sonography                           Radiographic, Sonographic & Echo

Center, Ganjipura Main Road,                            Cardiographic procedures.


6.             Nidan Kendra,                                                      Radiographic & Sonographic Procedures.

Ranjhi, Jabalpur.

7.             Charak Diagnostic & Research                          Color Doppler, Echo, CT Scan & Sonographic

Center, Civic Center, Jabalpur.                           Procedures.

8.             Hi-Tech Scan Center ( A Unit of                       CT Scan, Echo Cardiography, Holter

Astha Diagnostic Pvt., Ltd.)                              Monitoring facilities and Sonographic

Civic Center, Marhatal, Jabalpur.                      Procedures.

9.             Jabalpur Medical Center,                                    CT Scan, Color Doppler, Echocardiography

LIC Building, Civic Center,                 & Sonography procedures.


10.           Minocha X-Ray & Ultrasound                          Routine Radiographic & Sonographic

Center, 11, Gulati Complex,                 procedures.

Opp. Anand Talkies, Napier Town,


11.           Ashirwad Sonography & X-Ray                       Routine X-Ray, Color Doppler & Sonographic

Clinic, Gole Bazar, Jabalpur.                               Procedures only.

12.           R.K.X-Ray Sonography Center,                        Color Doppler, Radiographic & Sonographic

Mayur Hotel, Malviya Chowk,                          procedures.


13.           Bansal Blood Bank & Transfusion                   Routine diagnostic & Blood Bank.

Service, Sukheja Tower,

Wright Town, Jabalpur.

14.           Dr.Bhalla Pathology Center,                               Routine Diagnostic procedures.

Gorakhpur, Jabalpur.

15.           Maha Kaushal Path Lab.                                    Routine Pathological & diagnostic procedures.

Napier Town, Jabalpur.

16.           Khanna Pathology & Blood Bank                     Routine diagnostic procedures.

14, Roopam Tower, Wright Town,


17.           Sweta Diagnostic Center,                                   Routine & Specialized Pathological

13/6, Kingsway Cantt, Sadar,                             Investigations.


18.           E.C.G.& Physiotherapy Center,                         Physiotherapy only.

9/3, Civic Center, Madatal,


19.           Dr.Mukherjee Health Care &                              Routine Diagnostic procedures.

Pathology, Ranital Chowk,


20.           Dr.Khandare Path Clinic,                                    General Pathological  Investigations.

In Front of Collectorate, Jabalpur.

21.           Jabalpur Pathology,                                             General Diagnostic procedures & Blood

Opp. Victoria Hospita, Jabalpur.                        Bank

22.           Diagnostic Pathology Clinic,                             Diagnostic procedures.

Yadav Colony, Jabalpur.

23.           Nema Pathology Center,                                     General Pathological procedures.

Shri Nath Ki Talaiya, Jabalpur.

24.           The Heart Clinic,                                                  ECG, TMT & Echocardiographic

Sadar, Jabalpur.                                                    Procedures.

25.           Sai Clinic,                                                               Upper & Lower G.I.Endoscopic procedures.

1, Kachnar Enclave,

South Civil Lines,


26.           Dr.Ashutosh Bajpai R.D.Center,                       ECG, TMT & Echocardiographic procedures.

Gole Bazar, Jabalpur.

27.           Praveen X-Ray Clinic,                                         Routine X-Ray procedures.

Yadav Colony Chowk,

Garha Road, Jabalpur.




1.             Shri Narayan Ashram Hospital                          General purpose treatment & Oncology.

Shivkuti, Allahabad.

2.             Jeevan Jyoti Hospital,                                         General purpose treatment.

162, Bai Ka Bagh, Lowthar Road,


3.             Nazareth Hospital,                                               General purpose treatment, Nephrology,

Kamla Nehru Road, Allahabad.                         Cardiology & Ophthalmology.

4.             Vatsalya Maternity & Surgical                          General purpose treatment.

Center Pvt. Ltd., Elgin Road

(Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg)


5.             Priti Hospital,                                                        General purpose treatment.

Panna Lal Road, Allahabad.

6.             Raj Nursing Home,                                               General purpose treatment.

Park Road, Allahabad.

7.             Chiranjiv Nursing Home,                                    General purpose treatment.

Madhwapur, Allahabad.

8.             Saket Maternity and Nursing Home                 General purpose treatment.

Baghambari Housing Scheme,

Allahapur, Allahabad.

9.             Tamanna Hospital,                                               Paediatric Surgery & Physiotherapy.

Tagore Town, Allahabad.

10.           Dr.N.D.Tahiliani Memorial Clinic,                      Urosurgery only.

Nyaya Marg(Hastings Road),


11.           Alka Hospital, Plastic &                                      Plastic & Paediatric Surgery.

Microvascular      Surgery Center,

Church Lane, Allahabad.

12.           Deep Ganga Clinic (Urology &                          Genito-Urinary Surgery.

Infertility Center), Kutcheri Road,


13.           Rastogi Dental Hospital &                                 Dental Care.

Research Center, Tej Bahadur Sapru

Road, Near Public Service

Commission, Allahabad.

14.           Heart Line Cardiac Center,                  Cardio Diagnosis and Therapeutic

Elgin Road, Civil Lines,                                       treatment.


15.           Ganga Nursing Home,                                         Haemodialysis only.

Kasturba Gandhi Marg,



Diagnostic Centers

1.             Sikarwar’s Colour Doppler &                             Colour Doppler & Ultrasonography.

Ultrasound Center,

Ma  Anandmai Colony,

Lowther Road, Allahabad.

2.             Heart Care Center,                                                ECG, Computerised TMT and 2D Echo.

George Town, Allahabad.

3.             EEG Center,                                                           E.E.G. only.

LIC Colony, Tagore Town,


4.             Singh Ultrasound Center,                                   Ultrasonography and Dental X-Ray.

Matiyara Road, Allahapur,


5.             Pathology Clinic,                                                  Harmones Assay.

A.N.Jha Marg, Allahabad.

6.             Saraswati Heart Care,                                          Cardio Diagnostic procedures.

C.Y.Chintamani Road,

Darbhanga Colony, Allahabad.

7.             Rani Basant Diagnostic Center,                         X-Ray & Ultrasonography.

Looker Ganj,  Bara Bangalia,


8.             Prayag Scanning Pvt. Ltd.,                                 CT Scan.

North Malaka, Opp. S.R.N.Hospital,


9.             Kriti Scanning Center(P) Ltd.                             Radio Diagnostic procedures.

Lowther Road, Allahabad.

10.           Pragya Scanning Center,                                    X-Ray, Ultrasonography and Color Doppler.

A.N.Jha Marg, George Town,


11.           Parakh Ultrasound  X-Ray and                          X-Ray only.

Pathology, North Malaka,

Opp. SRN Hospital, Allahabad.




1.             Dayanand Nursing Home                                   General Purpose treatment.

Jawahar Quaarters,

Begum Bridge, Meerut.

2.             Bharat Hospital,                                                   General purpose treatment and specialized

Near Tej Garhi, Garh Road,                 treatment in Neuro Surgery.


3.             Parvati Devi Poly Clinic &                  General purpose treatment.

Nursing Home, Chhippi Tank,


4.             Drishti Eye Foundation,                                      Specialized Eye treatment.

12, 14, Pawansut Complex,

Near Chaurasia Nursing Home,

Chhippi Tank, Meerut.

5.             Eves Hospital,                                                      Specialized treatment in Pediatrics

Eves Crossing,                                                     & Pediatric Surgery.

Hapur Road, Meerut.

6.             Jindal Hospital & Nusing Home,                       General purpose treatment & specialized

Eves Crossing, Hapur Road,                              treatment in Laproscopic Surgery.


7.             Madhu Nursing Home,                                       General purpose treatment.

44-A, Nai Sarak, Garh Road,

Shastri Nagar, Meerut.

8.             Jaswant Rai Speciality Hospital,                        General purpose treatment and Specialized

Opp. Sports Stadium, Mawana Rd.,                  reatment  & Diagnostic procedures in

Meerut.                                                                  Cardiology, Urology, Nephrology, Neurology,

Gastroenterology, Endoscopy & ERCP.

9.             Yashlok Hospital & Nursing                              General purpose treatment.

Home(P) Ltd., Easter Kutchery Rd.,


10.           Dhanvantari Jeevan Rekha Hosp.,                    Specialized treatment & diagnostic

1, Saket, Meerut.                                                  procedures in Cardiology, Urology, MRI,

Color Doppler, Lithotripsy & Obst. & Gynae


11.           Vinayak Hospital,                                 Specialized Eye Care treatment (Day Care).

1/94, Shradhapuri, Kanker Khera,


12.           Tulsi Hospital,                                                      General purpose treatment and specialized

D-Block, Samrat Palace,                                      treatment in Neuro Surgery & Laproscopic

Garh Road, Meerut.                                             Surgery.

13.           Dr.M.Prakash Hospital & Medical                    General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Research Center, Begum Bridge,                       procedures and specialized treatment &

Meerut.                                                                  Diagnostic procedures in Cardiology,Urology,

Neuro Surgery, Laproscopic Surgery &


14.           Prabhat Trauma  Center,                                     Orthopaedic Trauma Services.

123, Pancheel, 3-Garh Road,


15.           Jagat Hospital & Research Center                    General purpose treatment.

Pvt. Ltd., Opp. Amrapali Cinema,

Garh Road, Meerut.

16.           Jain Eye Hospital & Laser Center                      Specialized Eye Treatment.

Civil Lines, Near Meerut College,


17.           Lok Priya Hospital,                                              General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Samrat Palace, Garh Road,                  procedures and Specialized treatment &

Meerut.                                                                  Diagnostic procedures for Urology,

Nephrology, Neurology and Laproscopic


18.           Dr.Chaurasia Nursing Home,                             General purpose treatment & specialized

Chhippi Tank, Opp.R.G.Inter                              treatment in Laproscopic Surgery.

College, Meerut.

19.           Subharti Medical College,                                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

(Shivaji Subharti College)                                   procedures.

Delhi Haridwar Meerut Bye Pass

Road, Meerut.

Diagnostic Centers

1.             Meerut Endoscopy Center,                                                Specialized Upper & Lower GI Endoscopy.

Near Chaurasia Nursing Home,

Opp.R.G.Inter College,

Chhippi Tank, Meerut.

2.             Agarwal X-Ray & Ultrasound                           General Radiological Procedures-X-Ray &

Center, Opp.Eves Cinema &                               Ultrasound.

Syndicate Arcade, Hapur Road,


3.             Dr.Madhu Singhal Pathological                        General Pathological procedures.

Lab., Opp. Eves Cinema,

Hapur Road, Meerut.

4.             Dhanvantari Diagnostic Research                    X-Ray & Ultrasound & Specialized diagnostic

Center(P) Ltd., P.Box No.84,                               procedures – CT scan, Color Doppler,

Sumer Bhawan, Bachcha Park,                           Mammography & Panoromic Dental X-Ray.


5.             Raj Pathlogy Laboratory,                                    General Pathological procedures.

1, Bank Colony, Garh Road,


6.             Seth Diagnostic Center,                                      General & Specialized Pathological

Opp.NAS College,

E.K.Road, Meerut.

7.             Health Care Imaging Center,                              Radiology & Specialized diagnostic

43, Shivaji Road, Near NAS,                               rocedures – CT Scan & Color Doppler.

College, Opp.Shanker Asharam,


8.             Kent Diagnostic & Research Center                 General Pathological procedures & X-Ray.

New Sardhana Road, Shradhapuri,

Kanker Khera, Meerut Cantt.

9.             Tomar Scan Center,                                             General Radiological procedures – X-Ray

Opp. Nandan Cinema,                                         & Ultrasound.

Garh Road, Meerut.

10.           Dr.Kumud Gupta’s Pathology Lab.,                  General Pathological procedures.

7, Citi Center, Near Bachcha Park

Crossing, Meerut.

11.           Shiva Cardiac Lab.(P) Ltd.,                 X-Ray & Specialized diagnostic procedures-

Pawan Sut Complex, Chhippi Tank,  Color Doppler, TMT, Holter & Spirometery.


12.           Dr.Pradeep Tyagi’s Computerised                    General Pathological procedures.

Pathological Laboratory,

Opp, R.G.Inter College,

29/4, Chhippi Tank, Meerut.

13.           United Scans (P) Ltd.,                                         General Radiological procedures – X-Ray &

Near Sabji Mandi & Gali No.4,                           Ultrasound.

Panchsheel, Garh Road,Meerut.

14.           Shiva CAT Scan (P) Ltd.,                                    CT Scan & Panoromic Dental X-Ray.

Pawan Sut Complex, Chhipi Tank,


15.           Prabha Neuro Diagnostic Center,                      Specialized Neurological procedures –EEG,

5, Medicenter, Hapur Road,                               EMG, NCV & Evoke Potential.


16.           Prakash Neurology Center,                                Specialized Neurological procedures –EEG,

6, Shiv Complex,                                                   EMG, NCV & Evoke Potential.

Opp.Nanak Chand Degree College,

East Kutchery Road, Meerut.

17.           Dr.(Mrs.) Vinay Bharat Blood                            General & Specialized pathological

Bank, New Market, Begum                                 procedures.

Bridge, Meerut.

18.           Arpita Neuro Care Center &                               Specialized Neurological procedures – EEG,

Neurophysiology Lab.,                                       EMG, NCV & Evoke Potential.

Near Eves Cinema, Hapur Road,





1.             Jaslok Hospital,                                                    General/Specialized treatment and

15, Dr.G.Deshmukh Marg,                                  diagnostic procedures.


2.             Cumballa Hill Hospital &                                    General/Specialized treatment and diagnostic

Heart Instt., 93-95, August Kranti                     procedures except Mat. & Gynae.

Marg, Mumbai.

3.             Bombay Hospital,                                                General/Specialized treatment and diagnostic

12, New Marine Lines,                                         procedures.


4.             Dr.Balabhai Nanavati Hospital,                         General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

S.V.Road, Ville Parle (W),                   procedures.


5.             R.G.Stone Urological Research                          Specialized treatment in Urology and

Instt., 21-A, 14-A Road, Ahimsa                       and Laproscopic Surgery and Specialized

Marg, Khar(W), Mumbai.                                   Diagnostic procedures in Urology and


6.             Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s New                      General/Specialized treatment and diagnostic

Bombay Hospital, Plot No.35,                            procedures.

Sector-3, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

7.             Smt. Susheela Ben R.Mehta and                       Specialised treatment and diagnostic

Sir Kikabhai Premchand Cardiac                        procedures in Cardiology.

Instt., Plot No.96, Road No.31,

Near Gandhi Market, King’s

Circle(E), Mumbai.

8.             Shroff Eye Clinic,                                 Specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures

Gobind Mahal, 86-B,                                            in Ophthalmology.

N.Subhash Road, Mumbai.

9.             Guru Nanak Hospital,                                          General treatment & diagnostic procedures.

S-341, Gandhi Nagar,

Bandra(E), Mumbai.

10.           Holy Spirit Hospital,                                            General purpose treatment except Sterilization

Mahakali Road, Andheri(E),                               procedures, specialized treatment except

Mumbai.                                                                Heart, Neurovascular, Transplant Operations

and general/specialized diagnostic

procedures except Cardiac & Neurovascular


11.           Inlaks General Hospital,                                      General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Inlaks General Hospital Road,                            procedures.

Chambur Colony, Mumbai.

12.           S.L.Raheja Hospital,                                            Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Raheja Rugnalaya Marg,                                    procedures.

Mahim, Mumbai.

13.           Radhabai Watumull Global Hosp.                     General purpose treatment & Specialized

120, Veer Savarkar Marg,                                    treatment for Chest Disease.

Mahim, Mumbai.

14.           Karuna Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivali(W),                       procedures except sterilization operations.


15.           Mangal Anand Hospital,                                    General purpose treatment and diagnostic

48, Swastic Park, Umarshi Bappa                       procedures.

Chowk, Sion Trombay Road,



Diagnostic Centers

1.             Speciality Ranbaxy Limited,                               General & Specialized diagnostic procedures

Plot No.113, MIDC 15th Street,                           in Microbiology, Pathology & Biochemistry.

Andheri(E), Mumbai.

2.             N.M.Medical Center,                                           General & Specialized diagnostic procedures.

Mehta House, 36, Pandita Ramabai

Road, Mumbai.

3.             VT Shah Diagnostic Center &                           General & Specialized diagnostic procedures.

Clinic, Kapole Niwas,

590, Dr.Ambedkar Road,


4.             Clinical Diagnostic Center,                 General & Specialized diagnostic procedures

A 8, Ben Nevis, Ground Floor,                           except X-Ray, CAT Scan, MRI &

Bhulabhai Desai Road,                                        Mammography.


5.             Sterling Imaging Center,                                     Specialized diagnostic procedures for Bone

L.D.Medical Center,                                             Densitometry and Mammography.

Dr.Annie Besant Road,

Opp. Glaxo, Worli, Mumbai.

6.             Andheri Pathological          Lab.,                       General diagnostic procedures in

Shop No.14, Radhika Niwas,                              Microbiology, Pathology, Hematology,

Opp. Vishal Hall, Andheri,                  Biochemistry and Harmone Assay.


7.             Nirman High Tech.Diagnostic                           Specialized Imaging diagnostic procedures.

Center, Shri Ram Aptts.Goraswadi,

Behind Milap Cinema, S.V.Road,

Malad – Kandivali (W), Mumbai.

8.             Ashwani Laboratory,                                          General & Specialized diagnostic procedures

Jyoti Building, Opp.Bus Depot,                         in Biochemistry, Microbiology and

Seven Bunglows, Andheri(W)                          Pathology.





1.             Chikitsa Nursing Home,                                      Maternity Services.

Mithapur, Patna.

2.             Sahyog Hospital,                                                 General purpose treatment in Medicines,

40, Patliputra Colony,Patna.                               General Surgery and Obst. & Gynae.

3.             Tara Hospital & Medical Research                   General purpose treatment & Specialised

Center, BP Koirala Marg,                                    treatment in Cardio Thoracic Surgery,

(Bank Road), Patna.                                             Nephrology & Urology.

4.             Shahi Hospital,                                                     Urology including lithotripsy.

Road No.2B, Rajendra Nagar,


5.             Dr.Ruben Memorial Hospital                             All Urological surgery including lithotripsy,

Ratan Stone Clinic, Minar Plaza,                        Dialysis and Laproscopic surgery.

South East Gandhi Maidan,


6.             Drishti Eye Care & Research Center All Eye procedures except laser.

B/22, Patrakar Nagar,

Kankar Bagh, Patna.

7.             Jeevak Heart Hospital & Research                    Cardiac Surgical work.

Instt. Pvt. Ltd., 6-Doctors Colony,

Kanker Bagh, Patna.

8.             Mahavir Cancer Sansthan,                                 Cancer Treatment(Radiotherapy &

Phulwari Sharif, Patna.                                        Chemotherapy), Mammography,CT Scan,

Ultrasound, Radiology, Pathology &

Bio Chemistry.

9.             Ram Ratan Hospital,                                            Orthopaedic, Dermatology, Obst.&Gynae.

Rampur Road, Near Bazar Samiti,                      Plastic Surgery, Dental, Pathology,Radiology,

Patna.                                                                     Medicine and Physiotherapy.

10.           Palm View Hospital,                                             Urological services & Laproscopic surgical

Nandanpuri, Patna.                                              Procedures.

11.           L.S.Institute of ENT(P) Ltd.,                               ENT treatment & surgical procedures.

Nema Place, Exhibition Road,


12.           Anupama Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                              General Surgery & Laproscopy.

Khazanchi Road, Patna.

13.           Hai Medicare & Research Instt.,                       General Surgery and Pathological &

Bailey Road, Raja Bazar,                                     Radiological procedures.


14.           Heart Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                                     Specialized treatment in Cardiology except

Chandralay, Kankar Bagh,                                  Cardiac Surgery.


15.           Avadh Eye Hospital,                                           Ophthalmological treatment.

A-39, PC Colony, Kankar Bagh,


16.           Siddiqui Nursing Home &                  General surgery.

Medical Research Center,

Pvt. Ltd., Opp. B.N.College,

Gola Road,  Bakerganj,


17.           Shalya Niketan,                                                    Urological investigations & treatment.

Jagat Narayan Road,

Kadam Kuan, Patna.

18.           Arvind Diabetic Critical Care                             Diabetic Care.

Hospital & Gynaecological &

Maternity Center,

Ashok Raj Path, Patna.


Diagnostic Centers

1.             Golghar Chikitsa Kendra,                                    Cardiac Investigations.

Golghar, Patna.

2.             Nalanda Hospital & Scan Research                  X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan & Ultrasound.

Center Pvt. Ltd.,

O/63, Doctor’s Colony,

Kankar Bagh, Patna.

3.             Surabhi Imaging Center,                                     Ultrasonography.

Opp. Sales Tax Office,

Guzri, Patna.

4.             R.K.Lab.                                                 Haemotology & Bio-chemistry.

Garhatta More,

Patna City.

5.             Panchlok Diagnostic Center,                              Haemotology, Bio-chemistry PFT and

Opp. Tara Mandal, Bailey Road,                       Physiotherapy.


6.             Shankar Diagnostic,                                            Pathology & Bio-chemistry (Haemotology

Makhania Kuan Road,                                        & Bio-chemistry).


7.             Patho Biochem Institute,                                    Haemotology & Bio-chemical tests.

Tulsi Appartment,

Govind Mitra Road, Patna.

8.             Central Diagnostics,                                            Pathology, Micro-biology, Bio-chemistry

Shanti Priya Apptts.,                                           and  Harmonal Essay.

Boring Road, Patna.

9.             Balaji Cardiac Diagnostic Center,                      Cardiac Investigations only.

Opp. Laxmi Complex,

Boring Road, Patna.

10.           Maurya Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.,                          All Pathological, Biological, Micro Biology

Rajindra Nagar, Road No.3,                                and Histopathology Investigations.

11.           Biolab & Pawan Ultrasound,                              Pathology, Bio-chemistry & Micro Biology.

Khazanchi Road,

Near Mahabir Asthan,


12.           Patna Scan Center,                                               Ultrasound only.

Deepraj Complex,

Arya Kumar Road,


13.           Harsh Advanced Diagnostic &                         Pathology, Bio-chemistry & Ultrasound.

Research Center,

Basement Kumar Tower,

Boring Canal Road, Patna.

14.           Arvind Diagnostic Lab. &                                  Pathological & Biological Investigations

Ultrasound Center,                                              & Ultrasound.

Ashok Rajpath, Patna.

15.           Getwell Hospital,                                                  Haemotology, Bio-chemistry, Ultrasound

Raja Bazar, Bailey Road,                                     & X-Ray.


16.           Alok Medical Center,                                          Therapeutic and Diagnostic, Upper G.I.

H.N.47, Road No.20,                                            Endoscopy & Therapeutic ERCP and

Sri Krishna Nagar, Patna.                                    Lower G.I.Endoscopy only.




1.             Dental Clinic,                                                        Dental Care & Dental X-Ray.

Tribeni House, 1, Nawal Kishore

Road, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow.

2.             Javitri Hospital                                                     Obst. & Gynae. Treatment, USG & X-Ray.

Talibagh, Lucknow.

3.             Jagrani Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment.

Ring Road, Kalyan pur,

Near Kuckrail Picnic Spot Crossing,


4.             K.K.Hospital,                                                        General medicine and General surgery.

87/88, Nabibullah Road,

River Bank Colony,

Near Suraj Kund Park, Lucknow.

5.             City Hospital & Trauma Center,                        Echo & Orthopaedic treatment.

C-1, Cinder Dump Complex,

Opp. Krishna Cinema Hall,

Kanpur Road,

Alambagh, Lucknow.

6.             Mother & Child Care Center                              Obst. & Gynae. And Paediatrics surgery.

MCC Nursing Home,

Opp. Kalyan Giri Mandir,

Hardoi Road,P.O. chowk,


7.             Shekhar Hospital,                                                 Nephrology, Urology & Lithotripsy.

B-Block, Church Road,

Indira Nagar, Lucknow.

8.             Mayo Medical Center,                                        General purpose treatment, Neurology

Vikas Khand-II, Behind Central                         & Neurosurgery.

School, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

9.             Awadh Hospital & Heart Center,                      Cardiology & General Surgery.

9-D, Singar Nagar,

Kanpur Road, Lucknow.

10.           Vivekanand Polyclinic,                                        General treatment & diagnostic procedures.

Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram,

Vivekananda Puram, Nirala Nagar


11.           Life Line Hospital & Heart Center,                    Cardiology only.

B-1/31, Sector-K, Aliganj,


12.           Saroj Hospital & Research Center,                    Obst. & Gynae. Only.

1-B, Barabirwa, Kanpur Road,


13.           Sewa Hospital & Research Center,                   General Surgery, Urology & Nephrology.

Sewa Nagar, Sitapur Road,



Diagnostic Centers

1.             Diagnostic Medical Center Pvt.                         X-Ray,  USG & Echo.

Ltd., B-52, J-Park,

Mahanagar Extension,

Near Kapurthala Crossing,


2.             Nidan Diagnostic Center,                                   Pathological Tests only.

4/31 Vivek Khand,

Thana Chauraha,

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

3.             Lucknow Pathology, Blood Bank                      USG & X-Ray.

X-Ray, Ultra Sound,

2, Patel Nagar, Tehri Pulia,

Alambagh, Lucknow.

4.             Park Diagnostics Center,                                    Echo only.

Regency Plaza, 5-Park Road,

Opp. Civil Hospital,


5.             Indira Diagnostics Center &                              CT Scan only.

Blood Bank Ltd.,

Faizabad Road,


6.             Sarkar Diagnostics,                                              Conventional Radiology, CT Scan, MRI,

C-1093, Sector-A, Mahanagar,                           Mammography, USG and Color Doppler.


7.             Raj Scanning Ltd.,                                                MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray & Oncology.

1, Manas Nagar, Jaimau,


8.             Charakdhar Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.                       X-Ray and Ultrasound.

292/05, Tulsidas Marg,

Chowk, Lucknow.




1.             Sri Rama Chandra Hospital,                                General/Specialized purpose treatment and

No.1, Ramachandra Nagar,                 diagnostic procedures.

Porur, Chennai.

2.             Voluntary Health Services,                 General purpose treatment & Diagnostic

Adyar, Chennai.                                                   procedures – X-Ray, Ultrasound, General

Pathology and Specialized treatment

In Neurosurgery and specialized diagnostic

Procedures in Histology, Cytology, Blood

Bank & Hemophilia.

3.             Miot Hospital,                                                      General purpose treatment/diagnostic

4/12, Mount Ponamallee Road,                          procedures & Specialized treatment in Renal

Manapakkam, Chennai.                                       Transplant and Hip & Knee Replacement.

4.             Hande Hospital,                                                   General purpose treatment & diagnostic

45, Lakshmi Talkies Road,                  procedures.

Shenoy Nagar, Chennai.

5.             Sugam Hospital,                                                   General-purpose treatment & diagnostic

349, T.H.Road, Thiruvotriyur,                            procedures- X-Ray & General pathology

Chennai.                                                                                and Specialized treatment in Renal,

Neurology and Orthopedics (Surgical

Procedures) and Doppler & Radiological


6.             Balaji Hospital Pvt. Ltd.                                      General purpose treatment & diagnostic

1, Lawyer Jaganathan street,                              procedures.

Guindy, Chennai.

7.             Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital Ltd.,                        General/Specialized treatment and diagnostic

19, Cathedral Road,                                              procedures in Ophthalmology.


8.             Vijaya Heart Foundation,                                    Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Vijaya Hospital, Vadapalani,                              procedures in Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Chennai.                                                                                & Critical Care.

9.             K.H.M. Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

AB-14, 6th Main Road,                                         procedures.

Anna Nagar, Chennai.

10.           Andhra Mahila Sabha,                                        General purpose treatment including

Durgabai Deshmukh General                             Geriatic, Rehabilitation & Ophthalmology

Hospital & Research Center,                              and Diagnostic procedures including IVP

No.11, D.D.Road, R.A.Puram,                            & Specialized diagnostic procedures in

Chennai.                                                                                Cytology.

11.           Rigid Hospital (P) Ltd.,                                        Specialized treatment in Gastroenterology

47/3. New Avadi Road,                                       (Gastroscopy, Endoscopy & Laproscopy).

Kilpauk, Chennai.

12.           R.G.Stone,                                                             Specialized treatment in Lithotripsy &

52, 2nd Main Raod, R.A. Puram,                          Endo Urology.


13.           Billroth Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

43, Lakshmi Talkies Road,                  procedures & Specialized treatment in

Shenoy Nagar, Chennai.                                     Neuro Surgery & Orthopedic Surgery and

Diagnostic procedures in Histopathology,

Cytology, pathology, Spiral CT Scan &


14.           Sri Devi Hospital,                                 General purpose treatment & Diagnostic

1620 A, 16th Main Road,                                      procedures.

Anna Nagar, Chennai.

15.           Nagmani Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                               General purpose treatment & diagnostic

116,118- G.A.Road,                                              procedures.

Washermanpet, Chennai.

16.           Dr.Mehta’s Nursing Home (P) Ltd.,                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

2, (Old No.21) McNicholas Road,                      procedures.

2nd Street, Chetput, Chennai.

17.           Trinity Acute Care Hospital,                              General purpose treatment & diagnostic

33, Desikar Road, Mylapore,                              procedures & specialized treatment in

Chennai.                                                                                Cardiology, Urology, Nephrology (Renal

Transplantation) & Doppler only.

18.           K.J.Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                                         General purpose treatment & diagnostic

927, Poonamallee High Road,                             procedures & Specialized diagnostic

Chennai.                                                                                Procedures in Nuclear Medicine, Doppler

& Blood Bank.

19.           C.S.I.Kalyani Gen. Hospital,                               General purpose treatment & diagnostic

15, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,                                procedures.

Mylapore, Chennai..

20.           Harvey Heart Hospitals Ltd.,                             Specialized treatment in Cardiology &

20, Pycrofts Garden Road,                                  Cardio Thoracic Surgery & Diagnostic

Nungambakkam, Chennai.                                  Procedures including Color Doppler &

Coronary Angiography.

21.           Kasthuri Hospital,                                                Specialized treatment in Laproscopy &

13, Shanmugam Road,                                         Endoscopy.

West Tambaram. Chennai.

22.           Aswene Soundra Hospital &                             General purpose treatment in Orthopaedics

Research Center, Chennai.                                 and General diagnostic procedures &

Specialized treatment in Gastroenterology,

Renal Transplantation         & Orthopaedics.

23.           Bharathi Rajaa Hospital &                                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Research Center Pvt. Ltd.,                                  procedures.

11, Medley Road, T.Nagar,


24.           Saveetha Dental College &                                General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Hospital, 162,Poonamallee                  procedures & Specialized treatment in

High Road, Chennai.                                           Dental care & Physiotherapy.

25.           Prems Eye Clinic,                                  Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology.

118, Bazar Road,

Saidapet, Chennai.

26.           Shifa Hospital & Research Center,                    General purpose treatment & Diagnostic

55, Triplicane High Road,                                   procedures.


27.           Chennai Kaliappa Hospital,                                General purpose treatment & diagnostic

52, 2nd Main Road,                                                procedures.

Raja Annamalaipuram,


28.           Malar Hospital,                                                     General purpose treatment & diagnostic

52, Ist Main Road, Gandhi Nagar,                     procedures & specialized treatment in

Adyar, Chennai.                                                   Cardiology, Lithotripsy & Urology.

29.           Public Health Center,                                           General purpose treatment & diagnostic

114, Lake View Road,                                           procedures in X-Ray, Ultrasound &

West Mambalam, Chennai.                                Routine pathology.

30.           CSI Rainy Multispeciality Hosp.,                      General purpose treatment & diagnostic

No.45, G.A.Road, Chennai.                 Procedures & specialized treatment in

Cardiac Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Orthopedics,

Paediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dialysis &

Endoscopy and Diagnostic procedures in

Fungal Culture, Immunology, Histopathology,

Mammography, Doppler, Ba.meal & IVP.

31.           Apollo Hospitals,                                                 All Radiological investigations and procedures,

No.21, Greams Lane,                                            Cardiology, Cardio thoracic surgeries including

Chennai.                                                                                Coronory Angioplasty and Angiogram, Hip,

Knee and Joint Replacements, Renal

Transplant, Dialysis, Onco Surgeries,                                                                                                                              Radiation Therapy, Laproscopic Surgeries &

Organ Transplant.

32.           National Hospital,                                                General purpose treatment & diagnostic

12, Jaffar Serang Street,                                       procedures & Specialized diagnostic

II- Beach Line, Chennai.                                      Procedures in Histopathology, Blood Bank,

Doppler & Echo.

33.           Devaki Hospital Ltd.,                                           General purpose treatment & diagnostic

148, Luz Church Road,                                        procedures & Specialized diagnostic

Chennai.                                                                                Procedures in Neuro, Orthopedics & Renal,

Doppler, Spinal CT Scan, Harmone Assay,

HIV & Blood Bank.

34.           Madras Medical Mission,                                  General/Specialized treatment in Cardiology.

No.4-A, Dr.J.J.Nagar,

Mogappair, Chennai.

35.           Sooriya Hospital,                                                 General purpose treatment and diagnostic

1, Arunachalam Road,                                         procedures and specialized treatment in

Saligramam, Chennai.                                          Renal, Neurology and Cardiology including



Diagnostic Centers

1.             Sapthagiri Diagnostic Center                             Diagnostic procedures in Histology, Cytology

Pvt. Ltd.,                                                                & X-Ray.

A-17, Anna Nagar East,


2.             Sri Chennai Scan & Research                            CT Scan & Color Doppler.

Center Pvt. Ltd.,

51-Montieth Road, Egmore,


3.             Ehrlich Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.,                              Diagnostic procedures in HIV Westeron Blot,

46 & 48, Masilamani Road,                 Harmonal Assay, Ultrasound & X-Ray.

Balaji Nagar, Chennai.

4.             Sarath Diagnostic Center,                                   General Diagnostic procedures and

Old No.51-A, New No.38,                                   Specialized diagnostic procedures in

Ist Avenue, 100 Feet Road,                                Harmonal Assay & Immunological

Ashok Nagar, Chennaia.                                     Investigations.

5.             Bharat Scan’s Pvt. Ltd.,                                      Radiology including Ultrasound.

197, Peters Road, Royapettah,


6.             Arma Clinical Services and                                 Diagnostic procedures in Histopathology,

Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.,                                              Cytology, Hormonal Assay and Ultrasound.

1, 73 & 77, 1, Main Road,

Adyar, Chennai.




1.             Kanpur Medical Center Pvt.Ltd.,                       General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

120/500, (24), Lajpat Nagar,                                procedures.


2.             Regency Hospital Ltd.,                                       General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

A-2, Sarvodaya Nagar,                                        procedures.


3.             Kanpur Urology Center,                                     Specialized treatment in Urology.

(B.R.Stone Clinic),

111/456 Harsh Nagar,


4.             Madhulok Hospital,                                             General purpose treatment including

628, K-Block, Kidwai Nagar,                               Primary Dental care.


5. Dr.Devender Eye Center,                                    Specialised treatment in Phako Surgery

Geeta Nagar,Kanpur.                                                           .

6.             Brij Medical Center Pvt. Ltd.,                             General purpose treatment.

94-E, Panki, Kanpur.

7.             Saral Nursing Home,                                            General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Lal Bangla (Opp. Thana Chakeri)                      procedures of E.C.G., X-Ray & Ultrasound.


8.             Jolly Nursing Home & Research                       General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Center, 119/22, Naseemabad,                             procedures.


9.             Chandani Hospital,                                              General purpose treatment & Specialized

9/60, Arya Nagar,                                 treatment in Dialysis & ICU.


10.           R.K.Devi Memorial Hospital,                             General purpose treatment in Ophthalmology.

113/157, Swaroop Nagar,


11.           Shree Ram Nursing Home Pvt.Ltd.,                   General purpose treatment & diagnostic

128/817-A, K-Block,                                             procedures.

Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur.

12.           Kulwanti Hospital & Research                          General and specialized treatment.

Center, 117/N/8, Saket Puri,

Kakadeo, Kanpur.

13.           Lala Amba Prasad Samarak                                General purpose treatment in Pediatrics

Chikitsalya,                                                           & Obst. & Gynae.

15/201, Civil Lines,


14.           Jain Dental Clinic,                                                General dental treatment.

124, O-Block, Kidwai Nagar,


15.           Shakun Dental Care & X-Ray,                           General Dental treatment.

229, Chandel Market,

Harjinder Nagar, Lal Bangla,


16.           Laxmi Devi Kishan Chand                                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Memorial Hospital Pvt. Ltd.                               procedures.

150, Ratan Lal Nagar,


17.           Bhargava Hospital,                                              General purpose treatment & diagnostic

15/263, Civil Lines,                                               procedures.


18.           Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Smarak                        General/Specialized treatment in

Netra Chikitsalya,                                 Ophthalmology.

Sarvodaya Nagar,


19.           Madhuraj Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd.,                   General purpose treatment & diagnostic

113/121, Swaroop Nagar,                                    procedures in X-Ray, Ultrasound &

Kanpur.                                                                  Color Doppler.

20.           Dental Maxillo Facial Center,                             Specialized Dental Treatment.

118/534, Kaushal Puri,


21.           Suraj Hospital,                                                      General-purpose treatment & Specialized

(Suraj Medical & Diagnostic                              treatment in Lithotripsy and diagnostic

(P) Ltd.),                                                 procedures in CT Scan, MRI, Color Doppler,

117/N/65, Kakadeo,                                              X-Ray and Ultrasound.


22.           Prashant Nursing Home (P) Ltd.,                       General-purpose treatment.

88/593, Prem Nagar,


23.           Priya Hospital,                                                      General-purpose treatment.

D/25, HIG, World Bank Colony,

Barra, Kanpur.

24.           J.L.Rohatgi Hospital,                                           General purpose treatment.

117/52, Sarvodaya Nagar,


25.           Mohammadia Hospital,                                       General purpose treatment.

Nala Road, Railway Crossing,

Becon Ganj, Kanpur.

26.           Raja Ram Hospital,                                               General-purpose treatment & diagnostic

26, A&B, Block-E, Panki,                                    procedures

(Kalpi Road)


27.           Khairabad Eye Hospital,                                     Specialised treatment in Ophthalmology.

112/202, Swaroop Nagar,



Diagnostic Centers.

1.             Bharat X-Ray, Pathology &                               Pathological Investigations & Ultrasound.


26/86, Karachi Khana,


2.             Brij X-Ray & Pathology Center,                        General diagnostic procedures.

94-E, Panki, Kanpur.

3.             Med Beam Scan Pvt. Ltd.,                  General diagnostic procedures in Radiology,

117/31, 22, Sarvodaya Nagar,                             & Specialized procedures in CT Scan, Color

Near Baba Bhool Nath Ashram,                        Doppler 2D Echo.


4.             Singh X-Ray & Pathology,                 X-Ray only.

7/201, Swaroop Nagar,



5.             Standard Ultrasound Center,                            X-Ray & Ultrasound.

(Standard X-Ray, Ultrasound

Center), 40-41, ‘O’-Block,

Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur.

6.             Adarsh Diagnostic Center,                                 General diagnostic procedures of X-Ray,

33-V, Govind Nagar,                                            Ultrasound, Hematology & Biochemistry.


7.             Universal Pathology Lab &                                Blood Bank & Pathological Investigations.

Blood Bank.

Opp. L.L.R.Hospital,


8.             Dr.Thawani’s Chest Clinic &                             Pulmonary Function Test, ECG & Ultrasound.

Diagnostic Center,

MIG – 2, Barra –6,


9.             Usha Pathology, X-Ray &                                  X-Ray, Ultrasound & General Pathological

Ultrasound Center,                                              Investigations & Specialized Diagnostic

Opp. L.L.R.Hospital,                                            procedures in Cytopathology &

Kanpur.                                                                  Histopathology.

10.           Sita Pathology,                                                     Pathological investigations.

2N, Jai Ram Market,

Juhi Gaushala,

Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur.

11.           Dr.B.L.Rohatgi Memorial                                    X-Ray, Ultrasound and General Pathological

Diagnostic Center,                                               Investigations & Color Doppler.

15/268, Civil Lines,


12.           Sneh Pathology X-Ray, Blood                           General diagnostic procedures in Pathology &

Bank & Ultrasound,                                             Blood Bank & Specialized diagnostic

133/10,  O-Block,                                  procedures in Pathology.

Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur.

13.           Gumti Pathology, X-Ray &                                 X-Ray & General Pathological Investigations.

ELISA Center,

118/13, Kaushalpuri,

Gumti No.5, Kanpur.

14.           Ratan MRI & Spiral CT Center,                         MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray & Ultrasound.

7/141-A, Swaroop Nagar,


15.           Perfect Scan,                                                         X-Ray, Ultrasound & General Pathological

117/N/59, Kakadeo,                                              Investigations.


16.           Sanjeevani – The Clinical Lab. &                       General/Specialized Pathological

Blood Bank,                                                          Investigations and Blood Bank.


17.           Prakash Liver & Gastroenterology                    Specialized Endoscopic procedures.



18.           Madhulok Diagnostic Center,                            X-Ray & Ultrasound.

628-K, Kidwai Nagar,


19.           Kanpur Scans Pvt. Ltd.,                                      CT Scan & Color Doppler only.

113/58-A, Swaroop Nagar,





1.             Usha Mohan Hospitals,                                      General purpose treatment

Hyderguda, Rajendra Nagar

Ring Road, Hyderabad.

2.             Hyderabad Nursing  Home Pvt.Ltd.                  General purpose treatment

5-9-29/40, Basheerbagh,


3.             Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Center,                       Specialized treatment in cardiology and

Gajularamaram, Jeedimetla,                 Cardio thoracic surgery & diagnostic

Qutubullahpur Municipality,                             procedures.


4.             Aarogya Hospital,                                               General purpose treatment.

5-4-183 to 199, Twin City Mkt.

Moazamjahi Market, Hyderabad.

5.             Hyderabad Kidney & Laproscopic                   Specialized treatment in Urology &

Center, D.No.16-2-674/12,                   Nephrology & Diagnostic procedures.

Judges Colony, Malakpet,


6.             New City Hospital,        **                                       General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Secunderabad, Hyderabad.                                                Procedures.

7.             Vijaya Health Care,                                              General purpose treatment.

Kummariguda, Behind Prashant

Talkies, Secunderabad.

8.             Aravind Eye Hospital,                                         Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology &

Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad.                                diagnostic procedures.

9.             Aware Hospitals,         **                                                        General purpose treatment & Radiotherapy.

Shanthivanam, Nagarjuna Sagar

Road, Hyderabad.

10.           Swapna Hospital,                                                 General purpose treatment in Obst. &

1-7-97, Chaitnaya Puri,                                        Gynae.


11.           Owaisi Hospital & Research                              General purpose treatment.

Center,  Near DMRL ‘X’ Roads,

Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad.

12.           Nikhil Multispeciality Hospital,                         General purpose treatment & Radiological

Gaddiannaram, X Roads,                                    diagnostic procedures except MRI.

Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

13.           BIBI General Hospital & Cancer                        Specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures

Center, Malakpet, Hyderabad.           I               n Oncology.

14.           Jaya Bhushan Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.,                    General purpose treatment.

Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad.

15.           Geetha Maternity & Nursing Home, General purpose and Obst. & Gynae treatment

West Marredpally, Secunderabad,


16.           Smt. Bhagwan Devi Hospital.     **                       General purpose, Orthopaedics & Obst. &

21-7-191, Mama Jumla Phatak,                           Gynae.

Charakaman, Hyderabad.

17.           Aditya Hospital,                                                   Paediatrics, Paediatrics surgery &

Tilak Road, Hyderabad.                                      Neo-Natology.


18.           Hari Prasad Memorial Hospital,                         General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Rikabgunj, Hyderabad.                                       procedures.

19.           Madhava Nursing Home,                                   General purpose treatment.

43, S.D.Road, Secunderabad,


20.           Indo American Cancer Instt. &                          General/Specialized cancer treatment &

Research Center,                                                  diagnostic procedures.

Road No.14, Banjara Hills,


21.           Shravana Nursing Home,     **                               General purpose treatment.

Mozamjahi Market, Hyderabad.

22.           Premier Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.,                                Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology.

Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad.

23.           A.P.Super Speciality Dental                               Specialised Dental treatment & diagnostic

Hospital, Banjara Hill,                                          procedures.


24.           Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital &                       General/Specialized treatment &

Research Center, University Road,                   Physiotherapy.


25.           Sagarlal Memorial Hospital &                            General purpose treatment.

Matadin Goel Research Center,

1-5-551, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.

26.           Mythri Multi Speciality Hospital,                      General purpose treatment.

Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

27.           L.V.Prasad Eye Institute,                                    General/Specialized treatment in

Banjara Hills,Hyderabad                                     Ophthalmology & Diagnostic procedures.

28.           Ram Hospital,                                                       General purpose treatment.

Shapur Nagar, LDA,

Jeedimetla, Hyderbad.

29.           Medwin Hospitals,                                              General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

100,Raghava Ratna Towers,                               procedures including Cardiology, Cardio

Chirag Ali Lane, Hyderabad.                              thoracic Surgery, Medical Oncology, Surgical

Oncology & Nephrology.

30.           Gagan Mahal Nursing Home,                             Obst. & Gynae. Treatment.

1-2-379, Gaganmahal,


31.           Global Hospitals,                                                  General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

6-1-1070/1 to 4,                                                     procedures including dialysis.

Besides R.R.Dist.Collector Office,

Lakdi-ka-Pool, Hyderabad.

  1. Princess Durru Shehvar                                      General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Children’s & General Hospital,                          procedures.

Purani Haveli, Hyderabad.

33.           CDR Hospital,                                                     General purpose, Obst. & Gynae, Dental &

Malakpet, Hyderabad.                                         Ophthalmology treatment.

34.           Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital,                 General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Raj Bhawan Road, Somajiguda,                         procedures.


35.           Quality Care Hospitals,                                       General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

J.N.Road, Nampally ,                                           procedures.


36.           Poulomi Hospital,                                 General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Secunderabad, Hyderabad.                                                procedures.

37.           Vijaya Hospital,                                                    General purpose treatment.

S.V.Nagar, Main Road, Nagaram,

Keesara Mandal, R.R.District,


38.           Apollo Hospital,                                               General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.                                    procedures.

39.           Apollo Emergency Hospital,                           Cardiology & Traumatology.

Hyderguda, Hyderabad.

40.           Apollo Amar Hospital,                                     General purpose treatment.

Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

41.           Mediciti Hospitals,                                        General/Specialized treatment including

5-9-22, Secretariat Road,                                     Cardiology, Cardio thoracic Surgery &

Hyderabad.                                                           Nephrology and diagnostic procedures.

42.           Maxivision Laser Center (P) Ltd.                       Specialized treatment in

Begumpet, Hyderabad.                                       Ophthalmology & diagnostic procedures.

43.           Aditya Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                                   General purpose treatment and Specialized

Begumpet, Hyderabad.                                       treatment in Gastroenterology.

* *  Referral  to these hospitals  has been temporarily stopped pending enquiry.

44.           CDR Hospital                                                     General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

( CDR Health Care Ltd.),                                     procedures.

Hyderguda, Hyderabad.

45.           Rainbow Children’s Hospital,                            General/Specialized Paediatric treatment.

22, Road 4 (Old Road No.10)

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

46.           Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital,                General/Specialized treatment including

Malakpet, Hyderabad.                                         Renal transplant & diagnostic procedures.

47.           F.M.S. Dental Hospital,                                       Specialized Dental treatment &

Koti, Hyderabad.                                                  Diagnostic procedures including RVG &


48.           BBR Multi Speciality Hospital,                          General purpose treatment.

7-4-194, Ferozguda, Balanagar,


49.           CDR Hospital,                                                     General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Secunderabad, Hyderabad.                                                procedures.

50.           CDR Hospital,                                                     General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Mozamjahi Market, Hyderabad.                        procedures.

51.           Sri Narmada Hospital,                                          General-purpose treatment.

Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad.

52.           Nizam’s Institute of Medical                              General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Sciences, Hyderabad.                                          procedures.

53.           Sree Sai Kidney Center,                                      Specialized treatment in Haemodialysis

Ameerpet, Hyderabad.                                        and Lithotripsy.

54.           Remedy Heart Instt. & Super                             Specialized treatment in Cardiology &

Speciality Hospital,                                              Cardio Thoracic Surgery.

H-3-6-2/1, Liberty X-Road,

Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad.

55.           Apollo Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment and diagnostic

Plot No.90, P&T employees                               procedures.

Co-operative Housing Society,

Vikrampuri Colony,

Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

56.           Saivani Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment.

Opp.Indira Park,R.K.Math Road,


57.           CARE Hospital, Quality Care                             General/Specialized treatment and diagnostic

India Ltd., Banjara Hills,                                      procedures


58.           Kamineni Hospital,                                              General/Specialized treatment including Renal

L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad.                                        Transplantation and diagnostic procedures.

59.           Sai Krishna Super Speciality Hosp.                  Specialized treatment in Neurology & Neuro

St. Road, Kachiguda, Hyderabad.                     Surgery and Related diagnostic procedures.

60.           Vasavi Medical & Research Center                  General purpose, ENT and specialized

6-1-91, Opp.Meera Talkies,                 treatement in Oncology.

Lakdi Ka Pool, Khairatabad.

**   Referral  to these hospitals  has been temporarily stopped pending enquiry.

61.           Image Health Care Ltd.,                                       General/Specialized treatment including

Ameerpet, Hyderabad.                                        Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic Surgery and

Diagnostic procedures.

62.           Spectrum Dental Clinic                                        Specialised Dental Care treatment.

2-4-82, Misha Gardens,

Shamlal Estate, Sikh Village,


63.           Anukrushna Hospital,                                         Specialized  treatment in Obst. & Gynae.

Vasanthapuri Colony,

Malkajgiri, Hyderabad.

64.           Secunderabad Dental Hospital                          Specialised Dental Treatment & diagnostic

Multispeciality Center,                                       procedures.

1-2-261/4-6, S.D.Road,


65.           Ashok Kumar Hospital,                                      Specialized ENT treatment.

3-4-136, Barkatpura,


66.           Smiline Dental Hospitals,                                    Specialised Dental treatment & X-Ray.

Next to Gold Spot on the main

Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

67.           Mahavir Hospital & Research                           General/Specialized treatment & Diagnostic

Center, A.C.Guards,                                             procedures including Cardiology & Cardio-

Hyderabad.                                                           Thoracic Surgery.

68         Apollo DRDO   Hospital Kanchanbagh                    Genneral Purpose  Treatment

Diagnostic Centers

1.             Spectrum Diagnostic Center,                             Dental X-Ray(Intra Oral) and

Secunderabad.                                                      Orthopentography.

2.             Secunderabad Diagnostic &                              General Radiological & pathological

1-58/7/3, Srinath Complex,                  procedures.

Research Center, S.D.Road,


3.             Parklane Medical Diagnostic,                            General Pathological Investigations.


4.             ELLESS Dental Imaging &                  Dental X-Ray and OPG procedures.


Opp.Clock Tower Sub-Station,


5.             Twin City Speech & Hearing                             Speech Therapy & Audiometery.

Center, 1-1-36 B, RTC X-Road,


6.             Deccan Diagnostic & Research                         Radiological & Pathological diagnostic

Center, 1st floor, Jyoti Arcade,                            procedures.

Kalikaman, Opp.Hari Bhavan,

Near Gulzar Houz, Hyderabad.

7.             Premier Diagnostic,                                              General pathological Investigations &

10-3-232, Humayun Nagar,                 X-Ray.


8.             Kailash Diagnostic &                                          General diagnostic procedures &

Rehabilitation Center,                                          Physiotherapy.

Mozamjahi, Hyderabad.

9.             3M Diagnostic Center,                                        General Pathological investigations & X-Ray.

8-Sakina Complex,

Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.

10.           Vijaya Diagnostic Center,                                   All diagnostic procedures.

Himat Nagar, Hyderabad.

11.           Konark Diagnostic Center,         **                        Pathological Investigations and Radiological

Hyderabad.                                                           diagnostic procedures except MRI.

12.           Asian Instt. of Gasteroenterology                    Gasteroenterology diagnostic & Therapeutic

Pvt. Ltd.,                                                                purposes.

6-3-652, Dhruvatara Apptt.,

Somajiguda, Hyderabad.

13.           Medinova Diagnostic Services,                        General and Specialized Pathological &

6-3-652, Somajiguda,                                            diagnostic procedures except MRI & CT

Hyderabad.                                                           Scan.

14.           Dr.V.Nandan Singh’s Diagnostic                      General Pathological & Radiological

Center, 4-1-897, Tilak Road,                                diagnostic procedures.


**   Referral  to this Diagnostic Centre  has been temporarily stopped




1.             Bharathi Vidyapeeth Medical                            General purpose treatment.

Foundations ‘Bharati Hospital’,

Katraj Dhankawadi, Pune.

2.             Pune Instt. of Neurology,                                   Specialized treatment in Neurology(Medical

Ganeshkhind Road, Shivajinagar,                     & Surgical) & related investigations.


3.             Bhagali Clinic & Nursing Home                         Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology

Plot No.2, Sadanand Society,                             & Orthopaedics.

Bibwevadi, Pune.

4.             Kavde Nursing Home,                                         General purpose treatment.

Uttam Nagar, Pune.

5.             Supertech Hospital,                                             Specialized treatment in Neurology

Chinchwad, Pune.                                                (Medicine & Surgery) & Trauma & related


6.             N.M.Wadia Hospital,                                          General purpose treatment.

Shukrawar Peth, Pune.

7.             Shubhashri Orthopedic Hospital                       Specialized treatment in Orthopedics.

& Rehabilitation Center,

Plot No.8, S.No.39,

Near Yeshwantrao Chavan

Auditorium, Kothrud, Pune.

8.             Anand Medical Foundation’s                           General purpose treatment.

Subudh Hospital & Research Center,

S.No.145, Kothrud, Pune.

9.             Ushakiran General Hospital,                               General purpose treatment.

S.No.229/A1, Kamdhenu Estate,

Hadapsar, Pune.

10.           Maharashtra Medical Foundation,                   General purpose treatment.

(Ratna Memorial Hospital),

968/969, Senapati Bapat Road,


11.           Maharashtra Medical Foundation,                   General Purpose treatment.

(Joshi Hospital)

778, Shivaji Nagar, Opp.Kamla

Nehru Park, Pune.

12.           Grant Medical Foundation,                                General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

Ruby Hall Clinic,                                                  procedures.

40, Sassoon Road, Post Box No.70,


13.           Surya Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                                     General purpose treatment & CT Scan.

1317, Kasba Peth, Pune.

14.           Instt. of Urology,                                                                 Specialized treatment in Nephrology,

S.No.32/32A, Erandewane,                 Urology & Laproscopy & related diagnostic

Pune.                                                                      Procedures.

15.           Joshi Clinic,                                                           Specialised Surgery.

Janardan Sadan, 1194/23,

Ghole Road, Pune.

16.           Colony Nursing Home,                                       Obst. & Gynae. Treatment.

(Dwarika Sangamnerkar Medical

Foundation), Navipeth, Pune.

17.           Sancheti Instt. of  Orthopedics &                     General purpose treatment in Orthopedics.


16, Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

18.           Karne Hospitals Pvt.Ltd.,                                   Specialized treatment in Orthopedics.

Krishna  Chambers, Near Laxmi

Narayan Theatre, Satara Road,


19.           Bhide Hospital,                                                     General purpose treatment in Orthopedics

18, Laxmi Park, Opp.Sendatta                             & Paediatrics.

Police Chowki, Navipeth,


20.           Lokmanya Hospital,                                             Specialized Treatment in Trauma

(Unit-II) Nigdi, Pune.                                           (Ortho & Neuro) and CT scan.

21.           Ranka Hospital,                                                    General purpose treatment in Orthopedics.

157/5, Opp. CPWD Office,

Mukund Nagar, Pune.

22.           Sai Sneh Hospital & Diagnostic                        General purpose treatment.

Center Pvt. Ltd.,

Near PMT Bus Stop,

Pune-Satara Highway, Katraj,


23.           Dr. Potdar Dental Care Center,                           Specialised Dental treatment.

Mumbai Pune Road, Nigadi,


24.           Jahangir Hospital & Medical                             General purpose treatment.


32, Sassoon Road,


25.           N.M.Wadia Instt. of Cardiology,                       Specialized treatment in Cardiology

32, Sassoon Road,                                               & Cardiac Surgery.


26.           Ayodhya Cheritable Trust,                                                Specialised ENT treatment.

Ayodhya General Hospital,

S.No.51/2, Near SRP, Gate No.2,

Vikas Nagar, Wanowadi,


27.           Kotbagi Hospital,                                                 General purpose treatment.

S.No.163, D.P.Road, Aundh,


  1. Sharad Orthopedic Hospital,                              Specialised Orthopedic treatment.

Shanti Plaza, Sinhagad Road,

Wadgaon(Bk), Pune.

29.           Cochlea- Pune for Hearing &                             Specialized ENT treatment.


Shivsagar Society, 161/A,

Modi Bagh,Ganeshkhind Road,

Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

30.           Ameya Nethralaya,                                              Specialized Ophthalmological treatment.

2nd floor, Santbhoomi Co-op.Society,

Behind Nigdi Bus Stop, Nigdi,


31.           PBMAS H.V.Desai Eye Hospital,                      General/Specialized treatment in

Survey No.93, Tarvade Vasti,                            Ophthalmology.

Mohamedwadi, Hadapsar,


32.           Desai Accident & Gen. Hospital,                      Specialized Orthopedics treatment.

Pune Nasik Road, Bhossri,


33.           Dr.Bansal Hospital,                                              Obst. & Gynae. Treatment.

Bombay Pune Road, Opp. Bank of

India, Dehu Road, Pune.

34.           Sainath Orthopedic Hospital,                             Specialized Orthopedics treatment.

Nagdev Towers, Pune Nasik Road,

Bhosari, Pune.

35.           Jog Hospital,                                                         General Orthopedics treatment.

46/2B/2, Paud Road,


36.           Poona Hospital & Research Center                  General/Specialized treatment except

27, Sadashiv Peth, Pune.                                     Cardio Thoracic Surgery.

37.           Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital &                           General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

M.N.Budhrani Cancer Instt.,                              procedures in Oncology including CT Scan

7-9 Koregaon Park, Pune.                                   & Mammography.

38.           Sanjivan Hospital,                                                General purpose treatment.

Karve Road,


39.           Dr.Patwardhan Hospital &                                 Specialised Surgery & Obst. & Gynae

Maternity Home,                                                  treatment.

Dhankwadi, Pune.

40.           KEM Hospital,                                                      General purpose treatment.

Sardar Moodliar Road,

Rasta Peth, Pune.

41.           National Instt. of Ophthalmology,                    General/Specialized treatment & Diagnostic

1187/30, Off.Ghole Road,                                    procedures in Ophthalmology.

Near Phule Museum, Shivajinagar,


42.           Sanjeevani Hospital,                                            General purpose treatment, General Surgery,

Uttam Nagar, Pune.                                              Laproscopy and Endoscopy Surgery.

43.           Yogesh Hospital,                                                 Specialised treatment in Orthopedics

1188, Sadashiv Peth,                                            & Ophthalmology.

Limaye Wada, Pune.

44.           Sushrut Medical Care & Research                    General purpose treatment in Orthopedics.

Society’s (Hardikar Hospital),

Ganeshkhind Road, Pune.

45.           Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical College                              General purpose treatment and CT Scan.

& Hospital,

Pimpri, Pune.

46.           Phadke Hospital,                                                  Specialized treatment in Paediatrics(Medical

1260 B, Shivaji Nagar,                                          & Surgical) and Gynae & Obst.

J.M.Road, Pune.

47.           Sharda Clinic,                                                        Specialized treatment in Orthopaedics.

408/1, Ghorpade Peth,


48.           Deen Dayal Memorial Hospital,                         General purpose treatment & Specialised

926, Fergusson College Road,                           treatment in Cardiology and related

Shivaji Nagar, Pune.                                            Diagnostic procedures.

49.           Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital,                    General purpose treatment and General/

8/13-2, Erandawane,                                             Specialized Radiological diagnostic

Near Himali Society,                                            procedures.



Diagnostic Centers

1.             Anushka Scan Center,                                        CT Scan & MRI.

KEM Hospital,

Diamond Jubilee Building,

Rasta Peth, Pune.

2.             Gangadhar X-Ray &                                            X-Ray, USG & Special procedures.

Ultrasonography Clinic, Flat No.B1,

(PMC No.2), Shantanand Complex

Next to P.M.T.Bus Depot,

Gadital, Hadapsar, Pune.

3.             Chaudhary X-Ray & Sonography                     X-Ray, USG & Special procedures.


Ganga Complex, Near Kiwalkar

Hospital, Airport Road,

Yerwada, Pune.

4.             Golwilkar Laboratories,                                       General/Specialized Pathological

2, Abhyudaya Apartments,                                                Investigations.

771, Bhandarkar Inst. Road,


5.             Om Pathology Lab.,                                             General/Specialized Pathological

Shraddha Chambers,                                           Investigations.

Nedar Dandekar Bridge,

Sinhagad Road, Pune.

6.             Medinova Diagnostic Serivces,                        General/Specialized pathological &

1319, Jungli Maharaj Road,                                Radiological Investigations.

Shivajinagar, Pune.

7.             Aryabhushan Diagnostic Center,                     Routine Radiological(X-Ray & USG) and

BG-5, Konark Estates, Opp.Poona                    Pathological investigations and Special

Club, Bund Garden Road,                                   procedures.


8.             Medivision Whole Body CT Scan,                   X-Ray, USG, CT Scan & Special procedures.

Patil Plaza, Ground floor,

Opp.Mitra Mandal, Near Saras Baug,


9.             Indrayani Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.,                          Specialized Radiological investigations

Ground Floor, Mantri Market,                            (CT Scan) & Routine/Specialized

Pune-Solapur Road, Hadapsar,                          Pathological Investigations.


10.           Paranjpe X-Ray & Ultrasound Lab.                  X-Ray, USG & Specialized procedures.

‘Pushpak’ 200 Narayan Peth,

Laxmi Road, Pune.

11.           UNISCAN Center,                                                CT Scan.

Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

12.           Holistic Health Care,                                            General Radiological Investigations

Ist Floor, Eden Hall,                                             (X-Ray and USG) and 2D Echo,

413/B, Bhamburda, Opp.Om                               Color Doppler.

Super Market, Pune.

13.           P.H.Medical Center,                                             General/Specialized radiological &

Lotus Court Opp.Adinath Society,                   Pathological Investigations.

Pune-Satara Road, Pune.

14.           Noble Lab.,                                                            Pathological Investigations & USG.

Safe Garden, Malwadi Road,

Opp. Pooja Hospital, Hadapsar,


15.           Gulati Sonography Clinic,                                   USG only.

M.G.Road, Camp.,


16.           Decision Diagnostic Center                               General/Specialized Radiological &

Pvt. Ltd., Decision Towers,                                Pathological Investigations.

Near Cioty Pride Theatre,

Pune-Satara Road, Pune.

17.           Sahyadri Laboratory &                                       General/Specialized Pathological

Haemotology Center,                                          Investigations.

33/34 B. Makrand Bhave Path,

Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

18.           Bhadane X-Ray & Sonography                         X-Ray, USG & Special procedures.


3, Mohite Twin Towers,

A.Nagar, Sinhagad Road,





1.             Apex Hospital Pvt. Ltd..                                      General purpose treatment and diagnostic

SP-6, Malviya Industrial Area                            procedures.

Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

2.             Soni Hospital,                                                       General purpose treatment and diagnostic

A Unit of Soni Medicare Ltd.,                            procedures except CT Scan & Specialized

38, Kanota Bagh, J.L.N.Marg,                            Lab. Investigations.


3.             Eye Surgery & Laser Center,                              Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology

C-401, Malviya Nagar,                                         and related diagnostic procedures.


4.             Jaipur Calgary Eye Hospital,                              General Ophthalmological treatment and

Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.                                        Related diagnostic procedures.

5.             Urology & Medical Care Center,                       Specialized treatment for Urology.

E-2, Pradhan Nagar,

Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

6.             Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer                                  Cancer Management.

Hospital & Research Center,

J.L.N.Marg, Jaipur.

7.             Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Cum                   General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Medical Research Instt.,                                     procedures except Oncology, Cardiac

Bhawani Singh Marg, Bapu Nagar                    Surgery & Transplantation.


8.             Jain Eye Clinic & Hospital,                                Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology

K-4-A,Fateh Tiba, Opp.Muslim                         and related diagnostic procedures.

School, Jaipur.

9.             Sahai Hospital & Research Center                    General treatment in Ophthalmology &

Bhabha Marg, Moti Doongri,                            diagnostic procedures.


10.           Monilek Hospital & Research                            General/Specialized treatment in Urology

Center,                                                                   & Renal Transplantation and General

Sector-4, Jawahar Nagar,                                    diagnostic procedures.


11.           Sharma East India Hospital &                            Orthopaedic surgery & general radiological

Medical Research Ltd.,                                       diagnostic procedures.

Lal Kothi, Opp.Nagar Nigam,


12.           Bhandari Hospital & Laser                                 General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Surgery Center,                                                    procedures.

SP-6, RIICO Industrial Area,

Mansarovar, Jaipur.

13.           Amarnath Allergy & Gen.Hospital,                   Allergy Management.

Gopal Pura Bypass, Mahavir Nagar,


14.           Mahatma Gandhi National Instt.                       General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

of Medical Sciences & Hospital,                       procedures.

Sitapura, RIICO Industrial Area,


15.           Bhandari Hospital & Research                          Gen./Specialized treatment in Laproscopy,

Center,                                                                   Laser Surgery & Lithotripsy.

138-A, Vasundhara Colony,

Gopalpura By-pass, Tonk Road,


16.           Dhanvantari Hospital & Research                    General purpose treatment.

67/56-A, Mansarovar,


17.           Jaipur Hospital,                                                    Orthopaedics Surgery & Laproscopic

Gopalpura Flyover,                                              Surgery.

Mahavir Nagar, Tonk Road,


18.           Tongia Heart & General Hospital,                     Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic Surgery &

7-Vivekanand Marg, ‘C’Scheme,                       Specialized Cardiac procedures.


19.           Rajdhani Clinic & Nursing Home                      General purpose &  Specialized surgical

Pvt. Ltd.,                                                                treatment.

C-30, Bhagwan Das Road,


20.           Pandya Hospital & Research                             Laproscopic Surgery.

Center Pvt. Ltd.,

J-2/37, Mahavir Marg,

Opp. Jai Club, C-Scheme,


21.           SRM Eye Hospital,                                              Ophthalmological Surgery & related

D-Villa, Near Assam Hotel,                 investigations.

Station Road, Jaipur.

22.           Radiant Hospital & Urological                           Urological surgery and related

Research Instt.,                                                    investigations.

A-48, Tilak Marg, C-Scheme,


23.           Anand Hospital & Eye Center,                          Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology.

21, Bharat Mata Lane,

Jamna Lal Bajaj Marg,


24.           Gopinath Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,                               General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Unit-1, Sector-8, Chetak Marg,                          procedures.

Pratap Nagar, Jaipur.

25.           K.C.Memorial Eye Hospital,                               Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology

Malan Ka Chaubara, C-Scheme,                        & related diagnostic procedures.


26.           Sarda Nursing Home,                                          Specialized treatment in Ophthalmological

39, Hospital Road,                                                surgery & related investigations and Obst. &

Jaipur.                                                                    Gynae.

27.           Rungta Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment & diagnostics

Malviya Nagar,                                                     procedures & specialized paediatrics

Jaipur.                                                                    Services except Cardiology, Oncology &



Diagnostic Centers

1.             O.K.Diagnostic Research Center,                      General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

4, Vivekanand Marg,

C-Scheme, Jaipur.

2.             Swayam Sidh Diagnostic Care                           General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

Pvt. Ltd.

C-77, Shyam Apartments,

Sarojini Marg, C-Scheme,


3.             Jaipur CT Scan Center(P) Ltd.,                           CT Scan & E.E.G.

7, Vivekanand Marg, C-Scheme,


4.             A.K.Diagnostic Center & Research                  General Pathological Investigations.


H-3, Todamal Marg, Bani Park,


5.             Mayur Clinic for Diagnosis,                               General diagnostic procedures.

7-Sunder Market,

Swai Ram Singh Road,


6.             Basant Diagnostic Center,                                  General diagnostic procedures.

H-7, Janpath, Shyam Nagar,


7.             Dr.B.Lal’s Clinical Laboratory                            General/Specialized Pathological

Pvt, Ltd.,                                                                Investigations.

A-725, Hari Marg,

Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

8.             Gamma Imaging & RIA Center,                          Specialized treatment in Nuclear Medicines

Jai Villa, Narayan Singh Road,                           and diagnostic procedures.





1.             Agadi Hospital & Research                               General/Specialized treatment except

Center,                                                                   Organ Transplant & Cardiac Surgery.

No.35, H.Siddiah Road,

Wilson Gardens, Bangalore.

2.             Bangalore Baptist Hospital,                               General purpose treatment.

Bellary Road, Hebbal,


3.             Chinmaya Mission Hospital,                              General purpose treatment and General/

C.M .H.Road, Indiranagar,                                  Specialized diagnostic procedures.


4.             Chord Road Hospital Pvt.Ltd.,                           General purpose treatment.

100, L.I.C. Colony, II Stage,

Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore.

5.             C.S.I. Hospital,                                                      General purpose treatment.

(Church of South India)

P.B.No.4, H.K.P.Road,


6.             Gayatri Hospital,                                                  General purpose treatment.

91, Magadi Chord Road,

Vijayanagar, Bangalore.

7.             I.T.I. Hospital,                                                       General purpose treatment.



8.             KIMS Hospital & Research Center,                  General purpose treatment & diagnostic

K.R.Road, V.V.Puram,                                          procedures.


9.             Narayan Nethralaya,                                            Specialized Ophthalmological treatment.

121/C, Chord Road,

Rajaji Nagar I, ‘R’ Block,


10.           P.D.Hinduja Sindhi Hospital,                             General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Sampangiramnagar,                                             procedures.


11.           Rajasekhar Hospital &                                        General purpose treatment.

Maternity Center,

No.21, 9th Cross, J.P.Nagar,


12.           Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital                     General purpose treatment.

No.19, 2nd Main Road,

Peenya Industrial Area,


13.           Republic Hospital,                                               General purpose treatment.

No.5, Langford Gardens,


14.           Sevakshetra Hospital,                                         General purpose treatment and Specialized

27th Cross, Banashankari,                                    treatment in Vascular Surgery, Haemodialysis

2nd Stage, Bangalore.                                           & Plastic Surgery.

15.           Shekhar Hospital,                                                 General purpose treatment & Specialized

No.81, Bull Temple Road,                                   treatment in Vascular Surgery, Dialysis

Bangalore.                                                             and Plastic Surgery.

16.           Bangalore Children Hospital,                             General/Specialized treatment in Paediatrics.

Rajeshwari Nagar,


17.           Bangalore Heart Hospital,                                  Specialized treatment in Cardiology &

No.5/1, Hosur Road,                                            Cardiac Surgery.


18.           Bangalore Instt. of Oncology,                           General/Specialized treatment in Oncology

(Bangalore Cancer Hospital)                              including Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy.

44-45, II nd Cross,

Rajaram Mohan Ray Extension,


19.           Bangalore Kidney Foundation,                         Specialized treatment in Urology &

(B.K.F.Chande Nephro-Urology                        Nephrology including Renal Transplantation

Center)                                                                   except Lithotripsy.

CA-6, 15th Main, 11th Cross,

Padmanabha Nagar,


20.           Bangalore West Lions Eye                                 Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology.

Hospital & Cornea Grafting


56/2, Lions Eye Hospital Road,


21.           Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Heart                             Specialized treatment in Cardiology &

Center,                                                                   Cardiac Surgery.

Millers Road, Bangalore.

22.           Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Hospital,                      General purpose treatment & General/

Millers Road, Vasantha Nagar,                          Specialized diagnostic procedures.


23.           Curie Center of Oncology,                                  Specialized treatment in Oncology.

St.John’s Medical College &

Hospital Campus,

P.O. Koramangala, Bangalore.

24.           HOSMAT Hospital,                                             General/Specialized treatment except

45, Magarath Road,                                             Cardiac Surgery.


25.           Indira Gandhi Instt.of Child Health,                  Gen./Specialized treatment in Paediatrics.

South Hospital Complex,

DRC Post, Bangalore.

26.           K.R.Hospital,                                                        General/Specialized treatment except

979, 25th Main Road,                                            Cardiac Surgery.

Banashankari, Ist Stage,


27.           M.S.Ramaiah Hospitals,                                      General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

M.S.R.Nagar, MSRIT Post,                                procedures.


28.           Manipal Hospital,                                                General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic

98, Rustam Bagh, Airport Road,                        procedures including organ transplantation.


29.           Narayan Hridyalaya Pvt. Ltd.,                            Specialized treatment in Cardiology &

258/A, Bommasandra Ind.Area,                         Cardiac Surgery.

Hosur Road, Anekal Taluk,


30.           Nethradhama Eye Clinic &                                 Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology.

Surgical Center,

No.818, 13th Cross,

7th Block West, Jayanagar,


31.           Santosh Hospital,                                                General purpose treatment & General/

6/1, Promenade Road,                                          Specialized diagnostic procedures.

Near Goodwill School,


32.           Sri Raghavendra Hospital,                                  General/Specialised treatment except

13/4, T.Dasarahalli, Tumkur Road,                    Cardiology.


33.           The Bangalore Kidney Stone                             Lithotripsy.


10 & 11, Vokkaligara Bhavan,

Hudson Circle,


34.           Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Instt.                   Specialized treatment in Cardiology &

14, Cunningham Road,                                        Cardiac Surgery.


35.           Yellamma Dasappa Hospital,                              General/Specialized treatment except

No.25, Andree Road,                                           Organ Transplantation & Oncology.

Shanthinagar, Bangalore.

36.           Trinity Hospital & Heart                                     General/Specialized treatment and

Foundation,                                                          diagnostic procedures except organ

R.V.Teacher’s College Circle                              transplant.

Basavangudi, Bangalore.


Diagnostic Centers

1.             Soni Medical Resources,                                    General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

(M/s Advanced Healthcare

Resource India Pvt. Ltd.)

No.1/IA, 4th Main Road,

Chamarajpet,         Bangalore.

2.             Spurthi Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.,                              General Radiological procedures.

Infantry Road Cross,


3.             Anand Instt. of Laboratory                                General/Specialized Pathological

Medicines,                                                            Investigations.

No.11, Blue Cross Chamber,

Infantry Road Cross,


4.             Cauvery Diagnostics,                                          General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

875, Mascot House,

West of Chord Road,


5.             CDR Medical Center,                                           General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

No.531, 11th Main Road,

4th Block, Jayanagar,


6.             Central Lab.                                                           General/Specialized Pathological

9,Ground Floor,                                                    Investigations.

Dhondusa Complex,

Richmond Circle Junction,


7.             Elbit Medical Diagnostics Ltd.,                         General/Specialized diagnostic procedures.

No.6/1, Infantry Road,


8.             Gautham Physiotherapy Center,                        Physiotherapy only.

892/B, Dr.M.C.Modi Eye

Hospital Road, Mahalaxmipuram,


9.             Kanva Diagnostics,                                             Gen./Specialized diagnostic procedures.

63/B, 10th Main(Ramamandir Road)

4th Block, Rajajinagar,


10.           Medinova Diagnostic,                                        Gen./Specialized diagnostic procedures.

Infantry Road,


11.           Padmashree Diagnostic,                                     Gen./Specialized diagnostic procedures

1312, 11th Main, Vijayanagar,                              except MRI.


12.           R.V.Diagnostics,                                                  Gen./Specialized Pathological Investigations.

21, 10th Cross, Yellapa Garden,



13.           Raghav’s Diagnostic & Research                     Gen./Specialized Diagnostic procedures.

Center Pvt. Ltd.,

Sadguru Complex No.14,

27th Cross, 4th Block West,

Jayanagar, Bangalore.

14.           United Medical Lab.,                                           Gen./Specialized Pathological procedures.

257, 46th Cross, Jayanagar,

8th Block, Sangam Circle,


15.           Vijayashree Diagnostics,                                    Gen./Specialized Pathological procedures.

No.670, 6th Cross, 3rd Block,

Koramangala, Bangalore.




1.             Sushrit Hospital & Research,                             Orthopaedics only.


Ramdaspeth, Nagpur.

2.             Subedar Hospital,                                                                Cardiology only.

9, Ramdaspeth,

Vardha Road, Nagpur.

  1. Dr.K.G.Deshpande Memorial                     Cardiology, Cardiothoracic surgery and

Center,                                                                   Ophthalmology.

218, Radha Niwas, Golkulpeth


4.             Retina Care Hospital,                                           Ophthalmology only.

A/1, Neel Gagan, Dhantoli,


  1. Central  India Institute &                                    Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiology,

Medical Sciences,                                                Cardio thoracic surgery and diagnostic

Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur.                                           procedures only.

  1. Avanti Heart Clinic & Hospital,                         Cardiology only.

5, Abhyankar Road, Dhantoli,


  1. Dinesh Hospital & Urological                            Urology only.


3, Canal Road, Ramdaspeth,


8.             Eye Infermary & Laser Center,                           Ophthalmology only.

6, Laxmi Vaibhav Complex,

Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur.

9.             Raut Children Hospital,                                       Paediatrics & related diagnostic only.

Parmanand Apartment,

Indora Chowk, Kamptee Road,


10.           S.M.Vishwakarma Memorial                               Ophthalmology only.

Kamal Chowk, Nagpur.

  1. Tamaskar Clinic,                                                           General Surgery, Obst. & Gynae. Only.

17, Wardha Road,


12.           Shree Clinic Maternity &                                    General Surgery, Obst. & Gynae.only.


Nirja House, 16, Swabalambi

Nagar Square, Deendayal Nagar,


13.           Sneh Nursing Home,                                           Obst. & Gynae. Including Sonography only.

Shree Vardhan Complex,

Wardha Road, Nagpur.

14.           Central Neurological Instt.,                                Neurosurgery only.

Opp. Bank of Maharashtra,

80, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur.

  1. Shree Radhakrishna Hospital                     General purpose treatment & diagnostic

& Research Instt.,                                                procedures.

East Wardhaman Nagar,


  1. Mure Memorial Hospital,                                            General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Maharaja Bagh Road,                                          procedures.

Sitabuldi, Nagpur.

  1. Janta Maternity Home &                                            General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Hospital,                                                               procedures.

Jari Patka, Nagpur.

  1. Lata Mangeshkar Hospital,                        General purpose treatment & diagnostic

Maharaja Bagh Road,                                          procedures.

Sitabuldi, Nagpur.

  1. Matru Sewa Sangh Maternity                    Obst. & Gynae only.


Sitabuldi, Nagpur.

20.           Crescent Nursing Home &                                 Cardiology & Nephrology only.


Behind Old Mount Carmel

School, Near Lokmat Square,

Dhantoli, Nagpur.

Diagnostic Centers

  1. Purshree Gastroenterology Clinic,                            Gasteroenterology only.

(Diagnostic Center)

Shree Vardhan complex,

Wardha Road, Namdaspeth,


  1. Shri Wardhan X-Ray &                                               X-Ray, Ultrasound, Color Doppler,Treadmill

Ultrasound Clinic.                                                Test only.

Shreevardhan Complex,

7-Wardha Road, Ramdaspeth,


3.             Sai Nath Diagnostic & Research                       Microbiology investigations only.


Vinayak Apptt., Ground Floor,

Near Lokmat Square,

Dhantoli, Nagpur.

  1. Central Pathology Laboratory,                  Pathology & Biochemistry only.

Indora Chowk, Nagpur.

  1. Jayneeta Pathology & Cytology                               Pathology only.


213, Shree Vardhan Complex,

Near Hotel Radhika,

Wardha Road, Nagpur.

6.             Khemka X-Ray & Ultrasound                            X-Ray & Ultrasound only.


5, Vinayak Apptt., Lokmat

Sqare, Dhantoli, Nagpur.


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